Common questions

We know you have questions so we have grouped the most common ones and answered them in detail.

How fast can I learn English?

With the right teaching methods and techniques we use in our lessons, we believe that you can learn English fast. However, language learning is not a destination with a clear path to follow, it is a journey that will lead you down many different paths. It requires discipline and perseverance. There are many paths to fluency but what they all have in common is that you are the one who has to walk down them. You are the one who sets your pace; you are the one, who is responsible at the end of the day for your failure or success.

Is it easy to learn English?

English is actually the easiest language in the world to learn.

The reason why English is the easiest language to learn is because of the vast selection of English resources to learn from, including TV programs, movies, music, books and websites.

The most important question to ask yourself is if you are willing to devote yourself to the process of learning a language.

Why did English become important?

It’s easy to see just how important English is around the world. Many international businesses conduct meetings in English, universities teach courses in English and, around the world, tourists and travellers use English as a common language.

But how did English become so important? Well, it all goes back to the British Empire, which at its peak covered 25% of the earth’s surface. During colonial times, British rulers often obliged the people in those countries to speak English rather than their native language. Although the origins of English as a global language has a complicated past, the language has left an important mark on media, trade and business.

Why do you need better English skills?

Nowadays, the international business world sees English as an essential skill. Whether you are looking for a new job or planning to travel the world, studying English can help you progress in life both personally and professionally. You can compete in the global job market, increase your career skills and start to meet people around the world.

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